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.I miss my old hair...{ Wednesday, November 19, 2008 }

Sasimi buffet on monday was pretty good, 12 of us spammed salmon sashimi and i'm pretty sure they've banned us from the restaurant now. Heh.

Nothing interesting has been going on, i'm sorry, so no photos for now! Actually have photos la, but the boyfriend is too lazy to upload them.

Will be out with poks tomorrow, we're gonna try out that new eatery at wisma (WOO! expect pictures!) and zinc/manda on thurs - we'll be watching HSM. I knowwwwwwww i'm so gh3y now okay just now i was singing some gay high school musical song omg i know i deserve to die.

Today's lesson was INCREDIBLY boring. So i got some people to write HAPPY DEEPAVALI to joseph on random pieces of paper hahahah we were just passing it to him not stop and he was dying HAAHAHAHA arghhhhh so bored so bored.

I bought this freaking cute Supre dress, not sure if i should sell it. Chingy says it's too revealing, but i already had the straps taken in an INCH so that it wouldn't be THAT revealing but but T_T.

Me ; my sister. Sigh life sucks she's like 1/3 my size lo T_T. NUUUUU BITCH!

LOL that time kenna punch by my sister fuckzxzx

I miss my old hair ):

Basket bag! Bloody adorable but bloody tiny also T_T.

<3 get well soon hun!

Argh i think karma is out to get me again wtf i don't know what i did wrong this time! I was just innocently sitting at the busstop ( the same one where uncle fucker molested the girl) and a COCKROACH crawled up my leg. ZZZZZZZZZZ. Just a tiny baby one, but still!! I flicked it off calmly, i think i was still in shock lol. Afterwards as i was walking, a moth flew into my fringe @_@ .



Argh but nvm my selling post got 20 comments already yay yay i hope i sell enough stuff to fund my new phone!

Oh yeah i wore my zara wedges out again today which makes it the fourth time they've been out of the house! YAY! so that'll work out to $25/trip out of the house hahaha shit.

Anyway, i lasted about 3 hours in them after that my feet were dying omg.

Okay nothing much just materialistic babble, i hope tomorrow i can do a review on that eatery at wisma though! Okay TTYL!