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.I can't feel my legs...{ Monday, November 24, 2008 }

The boyfriend dragged me, kicking and screaming, to run today. I ran two rounds! YAY! HAHAHA okay wtf i know it is shittier than shit but i haven't ran in TWO friggin years okay what you want! 1 round = 1.2km ( that's what the bf says but i'm not too sure about that it seems much shorter).

But he was really nice to me. He didn't laugh ( much), he jogged at my pace while i *ahem* walked and he even tried helping me flag down a bicycle to carry my corpse home (am joking, but i really did try to flag down 2 bikes rofl).

It wasn't as bad as i thought, i could have gone another round ( and by that i mean 1/4 running and 3/4 walking), but my lungs felt like they were on fire.

Anyway, my legs are now noodles.

Speaking of which, i cooked BACON AGLIO OLIO today! YAY! It was actually quite shiok! I feel so accomplished because I didn't:

a) burn down the house
b) burn anyone ( bf not counted la rofl)
c) die

Also, no one died from eating it, but perhaps it's too early to tell.

I'm totally on a bacon spree right now, i've eaten bacon for about a week non-stop hahahaha okay i need to stop like now but bacon is awesome so i don't think i can do that :O !

I just made another batch of bacon aglio olio HAHAHA i think i've eaten 10 rounds worth of running fuckzxzxzx.

Things due tomorrow:

- 3 pieces of A3 research ( 50% done)
- Visual Contrast Powerpoint (0% done)
- My head on a platter

Oh btw, this the final logo for the Child Protection and Development center heh.

Can you te;; what it is?

It is an elephant! ROFL please say you saw that. Elephant represents protection/thailand, while the leaf = sapling = development of a child and also represents the child.

See? Genius. It is even in the shape of a seed! Okay i shut up now.

Name card Version 1, but of course without the fugly black border.
Front and back.

Name card version 2, die-cut in the shape of the logo. I like this one best, but the teacher disagrees nuuuuuuuuuu.

Okay that is all.

(My sister just whacked my aglio olio!! Later i shall fart at her head while she sleeps HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

okay bye.