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."Dempsey is near chinatown right?" rofl + PICSPAM...{ Friday, November 21, 2008 }

Karma's obviously out to get me again.

1) My F21 package came, 2/3 of it sucked.

2) A bird shat on my head today. ZZZZZZZZ. I stood IN BETWEEN the canopies of two trees okay?! cheebai. BOTH OF THEM SMELLY BITCHES HAD HOODIES GO DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~

3) Boyfriend cheated my feelings.

4) Dead buyer who turned out not to be a dead buyer was really a dead buyer. Go fuck yourself, douchebag.

5) I wore my zara wedges out again today for six hours. I can't feel my toes and they have been stained purple from the insole - AND I CAN'T WASH THE COLOUR OFF! WTF MY TOES HAVE MORPHED INTO RAISINS! MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS RAISINS HAHAAHAHAHAHA okay i shut up now.

6) See point 2.


I watched HSM3 today btw. Yes i have gone way beyond gay now. Ironically i liked the songs/dances/romantic i think my brain has fallen out my ass or something.

Pictures from today:



lol. I swear in light. HAHAHA.


Did i mention i really hate flash photography =/? But it was too bloody dark at dempsey i didn't have a choice zz.

Anyway, tomorrow I must go buy 4D. heh. What are the odds of being shat on by a bird - especially at night? I must compare notes with huijuan HAHAHAHA okay i must also buy a gun and shoot every bird i see heh.

One good thing = an italian pasta/pizza stall just opened in the HAWKER centre downstairs. I pray like shit they have aglio olio heh.

Okay bye.

PS - Guess which gay HSM3 clip I have on replay now on YOUCHOOB? HAHA i am so gay D: