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."BUT SHE THREW OUT THE SAME TILE JUST NOW!!!!!!"..{ Sunday, November 9, 2008 }

My pay just came in two days ago and i have twenty moola left.

I finally got myself sandals, and the boyfriend thinks they are gladiators (WHICH THEY AREN'T TSK), he keeps calling them jesus shoes tsk annoying. I bought them at bugis street - i know i know, i need to shoot myself.

I went shopping with chingy and i had a great time. We went to ~kim gary~ HAHA and we met this lady with the grainiest voice on earth. Shopped and debated about christianity, i think she wants to kill me dead.

Today saw me with zinc, who dragged me to the botanical gardens to support her boyfriend's YMCA event. It was bloody hot initially - it felt like i was evaporating. This mat came up to zinc and offered to give her his number ROFL!!!!!

The boyfriend joined us for dinner at The Coffee Club - he's been telling me about the awesome pasta and i was sooo completely psyched! Until i tasted it ROAR. Miso sad ): it tasted like soap ):

Kinda hungry right now, i just played mahjong like mad with my siblings. I WON MY SISTER'S MONEY WAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! She's like freaking mahjong queen please. Feng shui damn good today or something rofl.

Okay random photos :

Penis pod ROFL.


ROFL "she's attached already rofl."

It looks really gross la but it was damn nice!

OMGZ my ahlian bugis street sandals~

Craving for something, but i don't know what yet. But i am still starving tsk. okay byeeee.