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......{ Wednesday, November 26, 2008 }

I did the most incredibly stupid thing ever.

Yesterday poks, zinc and i went to ikea for meatballs and i forgot to bring my card like a spastic child zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway, meatballs were awesome, conversation was slightly awkward and stunted because I stuffed my face with chicken wings and let them talk by themselves.

*ahm chios on the inside*

I went to the shop downstairs ( where they sell the ikea food products), and i asked the lady, "do you have soup?"

She looked at me like :O

"do you have soup?"


"Do. You. Have. Soup ? *makes spooning action*"


Then zinc asked her and she went, "oh we don't sell it anymore."

WTF! I speaking tamil izzit?! Annoyed. zzz.

Zinc left early to go meet her boypren, while poks and I went to dhoby ghaut to get little chinese take out boxes so i can make presents for friends but it was sold out zzz.

Went to daiso, bought a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. I have no idea why, but kitchenware is immensely appealing to me rofl.

Oh and this morning I had to beg for my job back because

a) they firing everyone who takes at least 2 weeks break
b) I took like a month to settle my schedule
c) my schedule is now damn fucked up thanks to the fuckers who lost my form then took so fucking long to swap me then caused me to miss add/drop and i couldn't rearrange my lessons to accommodate my work schedule which really pisses me off.
d) horn sucks
e) PG sucks
f) see point d)

Argh what a way to start the morning.

Cute little tuxedo topshop tote :D

Okay i am fucking starving and my internet is lagging like shit it took me 2 hours to post this cheebong okay bye.