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......{ Saturday, November 15, 2008 }

I was at the bus stop just now, when i saw this disgusting old man pick his nose and i thought, "wtf man, gross fuck!".

Then he walked past 2 ladies, and brushed the back of his hand on one girl's butt. Not as in clean-my-pisai-on-your-ass kinda thing but like COPING A FEEL!!! I wasn't sure whether or not to say anything, cuz the lady stared at him and told her friend and she was sorta uncertain whether it was an accident or not - BUT STILL! I didn't know whether to a) shout at him ( would it embarrass her? cuz she seemed pissed but didn't do anything about it) or b)ignore? I mean, cursing at him would have caused a big hoo-haa, plus i didn't know her - would she be pissed at me for sorta telling the world then he touched her ass on purpose? That disgusting fuck just walked away but wtf damn cheebai lo!

I feel fucking horrible for not saying anything ):

What a disgusting fuck. I hope his penis gets gangrene. zzzzzzz.

Feel abit disgusted with myself for not saying anything either though.

There was a motherfucker who groped my ass when i was in primary school - but i wasn't sure what to do either. Okay now i feel like a shitbag. I should have shouted at that old man - because I would have wanted someone to yell at / beat the shit out of the fucker who touched me.

zzzzzzzzzz. Urgh i feel shitty. Why didn't i do something?! What if there was some random person who saw that fucker grope me but didn't say anything i'd be damn pissed also arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stab me stab me stab me ):