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.A series of unfortunate events ( and some fortunate ones)..{ Friday, October 10, 2008 }

Hello, the past few days have been psychotic.

Wednesday ( or was it tues?) - meatballs with poks then on to the psychotic Borders Staff Day chalet. The three branches of Borders gathered in a huge chalet in some ulu place called Aloha resort. Wheelock, Parkway and the bistro. It was slightly awkward in the beginning, but after an hour, all the closet dancers emerged. It's fucking hilarious seeing several managers shaking their thang HAHAAAAAAAAAA best part best part best part was the lucky draw lucky draw lucky draw lucky draw guess who won guess who won guess who won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All branches of borders were sorta competing to see who wont the most prizes ( out of 75) and basically cheered like shit whenever someone from any branch won ( the loudest cheers for out branch la, of course). Especially haris. He was FUCKING mad that night hahahaha!

The grand prize ticket had everyone holding their breath.

"two digits. One of them is zero. More then 10."

So it was either 20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90.

I didn't think i'd get it, i swear.

But when he read out my name the whole fucking chalet exploded HAHAHAHA it was fucking psychotic everyone was yelling/ swearing/ cursing / it was fucking funny (and fucking loud), cuz i was screaming like mad too HAHAHAHA!

I'm not telling you what i won HAHAHAHA cuz i'm scared yvonne will exploit me rofl.

But i swear, winning seeped my luck for the next three days lo.

I :

-quarrelled with a colleague
-dropped my macbook
-met a truckload of inconsiderate fuckers
-got 4 mozzie bites on my FOOT ( i was wearing shoes lor. the fuck?)
-fucked up several transactions at the register

among other annoying things.

jeeeeeeeeez. BUT TOMORROW WILL SEE ME SHOPPING WITH ZIYING AT HAJI LANE WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Okay all negativity has been nullified with that sentence.

I'd put up pictures, but my brain was spasming so i forget to put them in my lappy before i went to work.

Jeez i'm becoming a spastic child.

Speaking of which, i have met a fucking lot of spastic idiots. LIKE COME ON USE YOUR FUCKING BRAIN ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have to meet chingy soon, and i'm taking over my dad's shift right now so that he can go and exercise, so therefore right now i'm missing photo opportunities for the NEW PAPER FACE cuz lydia has invites roarrrrrrrrrrr i can feel all my luck seeping out as i type that sentence fuck i want to take pictures omg.

I realize that having a DSLR makes you take less pictures. At least, less photographic pictures if you know what i mean. More like an upgraded digicam as opposed to nice chio shots. okay shall stop rambling now.

-this marks the end of brain fart/word vomit bye.-

Pictures when i get home, or tomorrow if procrastination sets in.


PPS - on hindsight maybe it's becaus i keep cursing them heh.

PPPS - dear lovely nuffnang, please give me lovely ads rofl.