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.Blame game...{ Sunday, October 12, 2008 }

I am not a psychic / telepathpic.

I am not able to read my mother's mind and know that i am working at the tampines branch (which opens at 10am) as opposed to the toapayoh branch(which opens at 11am) which i usually work at. I cannot suck information out of her ear. I cannot read her brain waves by licking the air. I am not psychic.

Therefore, she has to tell me that little bit of information. Which she didn't. Which meant i was still bathing at 9.50am before she pounded on the door.

Which meant i had to rush, which means i had no time to fold the clothes, which explains why i tried to tell you but you accused me of whatnot, which means the clothes will remain unfolded until i get home tonight.

You know, a printed roster would help. That way you can bitch at me all you want at point to the roster and say, "HA! I TOLD YOU IT'S YOUR TURN TO DO THIS-AND-THAT! HERE IS EVIDENCE! BITCH!" with actual evidence. I took the clothes out of the dryer like you told me to. It's not like i left them there. I procrastinate, i admit. But i did it in the end. Like how i will fold the clothes tonight, after much procrastination, but still i'll get it done, which is the point yes yes?

The exploitation thing was a joke. I withdrew a hundred bucks to give ma yesterday. I already transferred you fifty last night. I just didn't like that you were using " MA SAY YOU MUST GIVE ME!" so therefore i must give you argument.

It's not like she won the money right? Why must i be forced to do stuff? Why? ( note that i'm not referring to folding the clothes, which of course is a shared chore)

I hate it when people tell me i should be a certain way just because they think that is what i should be.

I like shopping. I love receiving packages in the mail. I like food, aircon, gluttony in general, shopping, more shopping, money etc. I am vulgar and fat and i do not feel the need to change myself to fit into your perfect little mold thank you very much.

Oh and isn't it ironic how you used to be irritated when i tried to talk to you and now you think it's vice versa? Your explanation was that you were either a)tired or b)cranky and therefore didn't feel like talking, so why is it that I can't be a)tired or b)cranky and therefore do not feel like talking either? You're not the only one who has bad days.

I am not responsible and i like to procrastinate and i guess that is not a good combination but i'm not selfish on purpose. I buy food back to share, i buy you stuff i think you'll like and try to clear out all my shit out of your room before you get back/wake up so you won't be annoyed. I sometimes call you on the way home to see if you need food or not, i cook food for you when you're hungry and i don't see how i've become the selfish pig from hell. I really don't.

I do have an attitude problem, i am stubborn and annoying and rude when i want to be but that doesn't make me a bad person, does it?

Winning money apparently does not make you happy. Except when you're spending it i guess heh.

Anyway, caught the house bunny yesterday with homan and zinc before the entire fiasco. It is quite possibly the most spastic movie ever, i felt my all brain juice dribble out my ears just ten minutes into the movie.

Oh and a smattering of photos from tuesday's ikea trip and borders chalet.

~midget man~ okay i know i'm going to hell for this.


His hat damn hard to tie on rofl.

Oh and the zara wedges are sold out i think. Bah.

More pictures tonight i guess.