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.Adventures of a CSA...{ Thursday, October 2, 2008 }

Yesterday the boyfriend dropped by my workplace and sent me home (: it was awfully sweet of him considering i finished at 11.30pm and and he has lessons today at 10am.

Digressing, a few of my colleagues really make me want to stab myself.

One girl, lets call her Y, is so stupid that every single time she opens her mouth i swear my brain cells start to die.

She was handling notes at the register and asked my other colleague,

"Eh who is this guy on singapore money ar?"

"Uh, he's Yusof Ishak."

( insert long pause) Who is he ar?"

"Er... Singapore's first president."

"Oooooooooooooh. Eh but i thought Lee Kuan Yew was the first president of singapore?"


good game balls lo.

Another time, we were both at the registers ( just my luck), and this guy asked her if we had GQ magazine. She turned to me and said,"eh yoko, how to spell GQ ar?"

My current brain cell count = negative seven thousand.

Manning the cash registers means time passes quickly, but you really meet the wierdest/meanest/inconsiderate people.

One of my colleages, Zarrah was serving a customer yesterday and he was all like,

"Selamat Hari Raya! Why aren't you out celebrating ?"

"Um, i'm not malay sir."

"Huh? But you're brown!"


Oh and you know those fuckers who throw money? I hate those assholes. It's rude to throw money, you asswipe, didn't your parents ever teach you that? Jeez. And since we serve you with a smile, some acknowledgement would be nice, as opposed to stony-faced silence or a black face. Singaporeans make THE WORST customers, hands down. We get a lot of angmohs/foreign ( you can tell my their accents) customers, and 90% of them thank us or smile or are generally nice. Singaporeans on the other hand, think it's their given right to abuse the staff just because they are customers.

I demagnetize your credit card then you know ar, smelly bitches. ROFL.

I'm not saying that I have done that, which of course i haven't, because i'm so nice and sweet, but let's just say when your card doesn't work / we give you $1 worth of 5cents then you're basically a shitbag customer. That is all. HAHAHAHA :P

Argh i'm so tired. Yesterday I worked 13hours straight because it was Hari Raya which equates to DOUBLE PAY HAHA how fucking awesome is that! 13 x $12/hr = $156 leh shiok shit please but i was manning the register so i stood all the way.

Now my legs are shrivelling up heh.

Digressing, I'm still thinking of getting those Zara Wedges I saw. I really do like them, but they're like $99.90. Ow. And I saw this Mango Saddle bag that was damn cute but the boyfriend detested the colour, but he has no sense of fashion so LALALALA shall ignore him. Hmmmm I think that's about it leh. I've completed my list of things to get leh how now brown cow hmmm. Shall come up with a new list soon i guess.

Anyway, pictures for now, I gotta go send Ziying off to shanghai later bleh.

( eh you know my bf is siao he keeps taking photos of me he thinks it's very funny. his flickr is like chockful of my unglam photos tmd.)

All of the following photos were taken by homan.

Hello gorgeous zara wedges!

Dunno where this is.

My block.

Waiting for bus 5.



Okay okay fucking tired brain phailing ok byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

(post-note omg i just went to the f21 site i WANT TO GET THIS JACKET !!!!!!! HINT HINT HINT BF NUDGE NUDGE HINT ROFL)