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.WTF 4.46am !!..{ Friday, September 5, 2008 }

hello comrads, it is four fucking am in the morning, my brain is on crack and i'm actually working hard on my powerpoint for the first time since i entered design school (!!!).

My brother gave me a bloody awesome brownie, it was made of magic and fairy dust (to me, at least), becuase it was, to quote Issac, "ORGAS ORGAS!!!".

ROFL. Eh i have the best boyfriend in the world seriously. He stood up for me today, something i thought was not likely to happen ( not against her anyway). But he did. Oh and he gave me a $200 discount some more. HAHAHA XD.

"So how much for the DSLR :D ? Must give me girlfriend discount okay XD ?"
"umm...ummmm....$400 okay?"
"Can say no?"
"No. Don't use your bargaining skills on me!!"
"Eeeeeee okay fine. Anyway girlfriend discount better than wife discount lor~!"
"How much is wife discount?"
"Wife discount = no discount because what's yours is mine and what's mine is mine so ;P"

HAHAHA he just completely stoned at me for like damn long la HAHA!

Urgh omg i'm like super kaykiang can? I challenged my bf to a shootout at sungei road, because we both brought our DSLRs ( wah it feels damn shiok to be able to own a DSLR, but i digress) out.

I concede. No la, my heart wasn't in it, to be honest. I mean, SUNGEI ROAD LEH! Shitloads of stuff for $5 and below everywhere and i was unable to surpress my inner auntie therefore i took like, what 5 acceptable pictures or something?

My boyfriend is a kiasu bitch hahaha take so many for what? hao lian fatty hahahaha!

i have finished 10 slides haha minimum of 15, but I haven't scanned in my sketches yet so I think i'm pretty much done.

Also, i'm supposed to wake my brother up in four hours time but how to wake a comatose person you tell me? I think i will paint his toenails yellow while he's conked out, assuming that my brain still functions after this.

Oh and issac is fucker number one - he totally got me addicted to hot korean music videos. Why the hell do you think i'm taking so long to do my slides? Besides the fact that i'm actually putting in effort la, of course. BUT SERIOUSLY Tae Yang IS SO FUCKING HOT OMG DROOLS DIES.

I shall place the mtv here so that i can brainwash everyone too HAHAHA.

Urgh omg now i'm hungry again. ZZZZ. I swear i've been eating like a psycho omg sooner or later i might explode if i inhale to deeply hahahaha!

Argh okay i'll post up pictures another day okay, i want to catch at least two hours of sleep if possible.

And and and YAY starting work at borders next week but omg 5-11pm mon-fri dies.

Okay bye shall stop rambling now remember to watch the vid for a complete korean brain wash okay?

Also, anyone has A Moment To Remember DVD ? Let me know if you have okay I'll love you long long time!