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.Warning: May Cause Drowsiness...{ Sunday, September 28, 2008 }

Hello i am sick. Which would be normal except for the fact that i'm physically sick instead of being mentally twisted.

Anyway, the meds make my sleepy and i'm at work right now which is not good. So i shall blog.

Yesterday the boyfriend dragged me to the doctor, and paid for it cuz I couldn't afford it. He is awesome <3

I slept most of the day away, but had to drop by NUS to take photos of the finals.

I took 400+ photos, but don't worry, I shall only subject you to a partial picspam because most of them are repetitive ( i mean, come on, it's two players in a court with 1 ball, how different can they get?).

The day before yesterday, when my organs were only just beginning to fail.


Girls 3rd/4th place match. (Huijuan VS Donna)

Guys 3rd/4th place match ( Luke Vs Willy)


Luke leading willy on HAHAHA

Baorong aka closet ahlian.

Jocelyn <-- how to spell ar?

Damien positively glowing ( due to overexposure rofl)

I forgot your name i'm so sorry T_T

"Oi gerald, act more manly leh!"

Gerald attempting manliness HAHAHAHA PHAIL!

Girls 1st/2nd Place match ( Baorong VS Jerryca)

Baorongs expression = win! ROFL

Baorong beating the shit out of the ball.

Jerryca beating the shit out of the ball.

Huijuan gossiping (again) rofl.

Guys 1st/2nd place match ( Sean Ang VS Samuel Wong)

Please note beam of holy light ( Sean is really godlike in court)

Got sent up to take photos -.-

The NUS coash, Jazreel Tan.

Cooling down after winning his match.

Suprising Donna and Baorong with a b'day cake

Fuck focus wrong sorry HAHAHAHAH!

The cake suffers a violent death.

Collecting Medals ( 3 gold medals for TeamNUS squash team)

Wearing medals with Rahayu

Start of phototaking. Someone passed me a booby trapped camera. I pressed the button and the flash popped out and scared the shit out of me tsk.



TeamNUS & TeamNTU

Look at homan wtf he's like super excited to attack ppl rofl totally like " HEHEHHE I KEEL YOU DED HEHEHEHE!"

Attacking chengyao rofl.

Hokay that is all.

Freaking sleepy, and i'm trying to put these up on facebook but facebook hates me so sorry squashers ;P

Okay bye brain failing.