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.Suprise fail...{ Thursday, September 25, 2008 }

I tried surprising the boyfriend with a cake and hid it in gerald's car. I sneaked off with another squash mate and we got the cake, lit the candles etc.

"Eh okay i'll hold the cake, you go to the other side and surprise him okay?"


"Go to the other side and talk to him and keep him facing the other way or something okay where is he anyway?!"

"Uhh... he is behind you."

WTF PHAIL. I completely stoned to death okay tmd fuck.

Anyway, thanks luke and tianlong and gerald for helping out although it didn't actually work out la rofl.

My new phone is shit and makes me want to stab myself.

Okay picspam, brain very tired.

Izak thanks for passing me the stuff!

Lol boyfriend is showing off his sheen of manly sweat rofl.

The boyfriend's anniversary present for me (: !

Damien's giant pool of sweat @_@.

Drippingggggggggggg @_@

Gerald ruffling through my boyfriend brain.


Luke sneaking his cake in.

Okay waking up in 4 hours k byebye.