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.FANNY IS BACK! HAHAHAHAHAHA!..{ Friday, September 19, 2008 }

Today was submission for mmfund. I feel like a frickin boulder (or a fat boyfriend) has been lifted off my shoulders omg shiok to death.

Anyway, I have XX amt left in my bank as opposed to the 6xx i should have (due to reckless psychotic shopping). Today i wore my skank dress, i think i will sell it soon hahaha.

Urgh i'm dying from the heat seriously. BOTH siblings are sick = no aircon = me dehydrating and becoming a fucking prune zzzz.

Sigh broke liao lah the feeling not shiok lor tsk.
Boyfriend's b'day next weds, but he'll either have a)squash competition or b)squash training knn. I took the day off just for him lor nb. Tsk. Argh whatever la. Too broke to take him out anyway ;P . Wait til 1st week of Oct okay hurhur <3.

Also, tomorrow my class is having sushi but i'm not joining them because i can only can afford like 1 piece of sushi sigh. But the boyfriend is treating me to a shiok dinner this saturday night woooo~

(I realize the word shiok appears plenty of times in this entry heh.)

Ummmmmmmm my :
b)hi necklace
c)AA tees
d)Keds-inspired shoes
e)F21 parcel
f)Zipia Parcel
g)Aeropostale hoodie

all HAVE NOT ARRIVED LOR sigh and that makes me damn cranky.

I will prolly sell half of what i buy anyway, it is so hard to build a wardrobe when i'm like the size of shamu. zzz. I feel like selling everything that i've stopped wearing. That way then i can have money to kickstart my new awesome "design-student" wardrobe rofl. But i can't be too experimental because a)my boyfriend gets nervous and b)my boobs are too big and i'm like flashing half the time.

Life sucks right now but i'm accumulating nice dresses so that nullifies it a little.

OMG ysterday there was this fucking fucking fucking fucking cute guy at my counter. *fans self* HAHA i think karma was rewarding me for putting up with the bullshit i got for the first like 3 hours of my shift. Nabei every wednesday is a pain in the ass when you're cashier-ing because :

Dear Borders Customers, in line with out efforts to save the environment, we would like to encourage all customers to shop with reusable bags every wednesday. Please note that plastic bags will only be provided at the cost of 10 cents each. All proceeds will go to the Singapore Environmental Council to support Environmental activites.

Thank you and have a nice day shopping at borders!

Wah nabei i fucking memorized it hahahaha! I made that announcement like every freaking 5 minutes so as to let everyone know, and yet, every time i told each customer they would be like


"10 cents for a plastic bag!?! you bastards >:O !!!!!!!!!!!"

No, seriously. It's amazing how many ppl reject the bags at the cost of ~10cents~.

Urgh vomit.

Anyway, I just ordered this hurhurhurhurhurhurhurhur.

Reversible some more lor, don't play play! Yay !

I want to :

Get a new cupboard/ storage system that resembles rows of lockers without locks. So that i can shove all my shit in and just close it and everything will look fabulously neat therefore my parents won't nag me.

(digressing, i have to pick up my maxi tmr hahaha i just remembered hmm)

But i will probably spend it all on fabulous clothes because furniture < dresses hahaha

Oh yeah, chingy told me that if we ever fell out, she'd tell everyone just how much profit i am making reselling my shit ahhahah! Sorry la i can't help having a business-minded brain. I mean, it's not like i have shitty stuff lor ;P.

Okay i have to admit, almost all the things i sell, i profit like mad OR sell at cost price so i'm almost never making a loss. okay whatever. Unless it's old stuff la. Hmmmm.

Argh today my skank dress seriously very skanky okay when i sit down can almost see my ass already lor wtf totally need to sell it hahahaha okay byeeeeee.