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...{ Thursday, September 11, 2008 }

Hello, work has been damn tiring.

Today i got verbally attacked by this ang moh guy, who demanded to know why there was a 10cent charge for plastic bags every wednesday. Eh hello do i look like management?

go away.


Sold my baby, 80% of which went to my bf.

He dropped by town to eat supper with me at 11.30pm. Hugs yeah, you're the fattest an ner raxic ( his spelling, not mine rofl) boyfriend on earth.

Picspam for now, brain damn tired.

Fat babyyyyy so cute!

"who you calling fat beech?"

Psychotic long baby queue.

the poodle is damn cute in real life! It kept following us hahaha!

I are ninja.

"mooncake for you mam?"

Exibition in the Ion space. The boyfriend took this with his new 50mm f1.8 lenses heh. The upper row is actually reflected of a glass panel heh.

okay that's about it. More from my camera, but too lazy to upload right now.

I put on falsies this morning, almost poked my eyeballs out. I got one eye done perfectly, but the other eyelash refused to stay put so i had to remove both roarrrrrr.

Um, i spent a lot of money today. 3 bras, a pair of flats and zara jeans set me back $115 moola haha omggggggggggggg!

I still want to get:

-Casio watch
-Vintage T
-Cute printed scarf
-cute sandals ( black or beige)
-black stockings ( my previous pair ran zzzzz.)
-Yellow holga + fisheye lens + poaroid adaptor + colour flash ( $400+++)

And ummmmm i gotta get my maxi dress altered and lined.

Sigh i need to stop shopping. okay byeeeee.