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.20%...{ Tuesday, September 16, 2008 }


Say hello ( or rather, hi) to my new necklace hahaha.

Updating my things-to-get list (from 2 entries ago):

-topshop shopper $14
-black vintage wash tee $26
-vintage casio watch ( this should be around 25 hmmmmm)
-Navy/ grey /black leggings $35.50 for all three colours
-faded denim shorts ( topshop 50+ but i think it's all sold out leh hmmm)
-plain comfy black flats(i found the perfect pair at cotton on woooo!)$45 for 3pairs hahaha

I realize i wear a lot of black hmmm.

Anyway, i got this dress yesteday :

Wah lao it looks so sweet and innocent in the photo but it's the skankiest thing ever hahaha cannot wear a bra with this because it's pretty much backless. I don't know if i should sell it or keep it for a hot date with homan ;P.

Am working again later, super tired zzzz. But i shall persevere, for $1080 money is worth a lot of skanky dresses hahahaha!

Okay bye, brain phail.

Oh and chingy please buy me a tudong rofl i will wear it to school and everyone will die from shock hahahahahahah XD!