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.$100 wedges...{ Monday, September 22, 2008 }

Hello, it's 2.50am, i told my boyfriend i'd sleep right after watch Sex And The City ( which of course has ended else i wouldn't be typing this).

Sorry fats, i can't sleep ;P.

Anyway, on saturday the boyfriend dragged ( i say dragged because i do not want to seem like a glutton, because i readily agreed ) me along to a buffet dinner at The Rice Table, with the rest of his squash mates. The food was okay for $32 per person, but the rice was awesome.

( I am very very very picky about my rice. It can't be too dry/hard/squishy/wet or i'll get really cranky, so when i say awesome rice, i mean awesome rice)

Afterwhich we crashed jon teh's place, which isn't a house per se. It's more like a holiday resort wtf. It has like 700 rooms, paintings and ducks (i kid you not). His family sorta collects ducks. There were all kinds everywhere! plushies, wooden carvings etc. It's like duckland in there hahaha. Too bad there weren't any live ducks hahaha. Anyway, his house is super awesome please, it's like a freakin holiday villa okay. hahah damn jealous please *cough* homan has a new standard to live up to *cough*.

The boyfriend sent me home, slept over on the couch, and is currently making me feel damn guilty. He says that spending time with me is affecting his schoolwork. Yay, just what every steady girlfriend wants to hear. It's right up there next to "i forgot to tell you i have herpes" or "i tore your new dress". Sigh. So now i feel guilty just wanting to meet him tsk. See boyfriend, this is why you should get a car, so i can go over to your place and nua while you study, then you can send me home so i won't bitch about having to take an hour to get back home on public transport.

(On a side note, why is it that i have never had a boyfriend who actually lives a stone's throw away? It's always the other freaking side of the island)

Anyway, i'm waking up in three and a half hours for work. My brain is failing and i'm still thinking about what to wear when he picks me up from work later (the guilt is setting in again).

Digressing to more materialistic things - OMG I saw this pair of freaking gorgeous wedges! I know i don't really wear heeled shoes but @_@ drool. I have a new list of things i want to get, i'm afraid my paycheck ( when it arrives) won't be able to take it heh.

Okay time to sleep. Boyfriend is going to nag my ears off tmr when he reads this heh.

PS - Thank you for the chocolate biscuits :D !