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.You make me so mad...{ Sunday, August 3, 2008 }

I am contemplating getting bangs. Hmmmm.

Then I can take act-chio photos in which I look down and you won't be able to see my hairline. WIN!

Hahaha I have no idea what the fuck I'm rambling on about, I'm just rambling for ramblings' sake because I am really fucking bored.

Hmmm actually something just occured to me.

When you read something, do you actually read it aloud in your head?

Because then, if I blog something like, "FUCK YOU, YOU ASSWIPE" and you read it in your head, technically you would have sworn. hmm. HAHA I just made chingy/luke swear!

Haha i'm so horrible. And also incredibly bored.

Next wednesday, I intend to scout out ----------- with lyddiepoks for zinc's birthday, but I really want to bring my bf there for his birthday as well. hmmmm.

I also want to go thrifting, but I need to pay off my debts before I can do that, so I guess I will have to start pimping my brother for moola.

Any takers?

LOL okay I shall go rot in a corner now. jeeeeeeeeeez I am soooooooo boredddd.

Time is taunting me. The boyfriend is sooooooooo close yet soooooooo far omgggg.

Yesterday we talked on skype, it was the best hour of this past week. I can't deny that we've drifted though, but I hope things will get better when I see him tomorrow.

Wow I get a little tingle just saying the word, "TOMORROW".

Fuck i almost forgot i still have lessons in the morning. Vomit.

Also, David is the luckiest asswipe on earth. I don't friend you. I STEAL YOUR CHAR MEE AND KILL YOU DED. HAHAHAHA okay byeeeeeeeee.

PS - Chingy get well soon!!