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.Unexpected circumstances...{ Saturday, August 23, 2008 }

I'm not really in the mood to blog, so pic spam ahead.

Please get better soon. I don't know if i should pray, because praying only in times of need seems so shitty. I didn't really know you, but your being sick is hurting my mom, so I hope you'll get better so my mom will feel better. Does that make me shitty in a backwards kind of way? Of course, I want you to get better just so you'll get better, because I don't feel like you deserve this. I feel like this is happening to you because the person who loves you is racking up bad karma like crazy, and thus karma is hurting the one she loves and that just so happens to be you.

I'm going out later, but I feel kinda bad about it with all this going on.

Sigh. By the way, I'm double blogging. I blog here on blogspot and on my LJ ( heh) whenever there are picspams, cuz nicely taken photos make you noticed and uber cool on LJ. People will coo about your photos and comment that your photos are awesome and I love flattery so i guess that explains a lot. I also bitch about my boyfriend and my sister and my family so basically that's my bitch(ier) and if possible, even more picture-filled journal.

I said a little prayer. I hope it comes true. I asked not for forgiveness, but good health for you. I realize that rhymes but that was not really my initial intention heh.

okay pictures, then i'll go emo one corner.

Ying ting ( correct spelling or not ar?), Dawn, Wenjing ( who has awesome skin miso jealous want to die)

Waiting for a seat at dintaifeng.

Good times.

P/S - I added links to my flickr and homan's flickr, visit for awesome photos from homan ( and awesomer ones from me).