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.SUNSTONE ROFL...{ Sunday, August 10, 2008 }

Hello, long time to blog. Miso sorry, have been clinging non-stop to my boyfriend.

Anyway, we met up with shaunying/danielmeiern for ..


Wah lao, gh3y like shit hahahahahaha. $10 per ticket some more cheebong.

Afterwhich, we made like little beng/lians and sat outside PC Bunk (GASP!) and played Happy Family. ROFL. It's been so long since any of us last played it so we just randomly made up our own rules, it was gh3y beyond words but it was damn fun HAHAhA XD.

The boyfriend bought me yummy chocolate biscuits of awesomeness from Marks and Spencers, yay I love you long time (:

I can't really think of shit to blog about, that's probably because no one has annoyed me yet. heh.

OH WAIT! I remember this annoying fat auntie who stays a few floor above me. I stay on the 8th floor, and the lift was at the 11th floor. I pressed the button and got in when it stopped at my floor, and this cheebong woman who was in it stared and me and went, "TSK!".

But it's okay. I have mellowed. I did not yell/stare/roll my eyes. I just told her, " Auntie, bad things will happen to your anus.", smiled in an evil way, and got out of the ilft.

HAHAHAHAHA I live for cheap thrills XD.

Anyway, here's a few of my boyfriends photos, enjoy.

( He's very proud of them heh.)


Travelling with two guy friends. HEH. I'd take that over two girls any day.

LOL look at wenda ( the guy in black)'s expression ROFL.

This one is my favourite.

(I can't describe how good it feels to be in your (fat) arms again.

Okay i gtg, need to complete 4 of taipang's assignments before he kills me byeeeeee.

Oh yeah, can ya'll see the nuffnang advert on the right? Do help me take the poll, me love you long time kthxbai.