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.My sister can star in Matrix leh ROFL...{ Tuesday, August 26, 2008 }

Hello, I'm not dead.

Yesterday I dropped by Vivo for Super dog + fries of awesomeness with my boyfriend. I managed to convince him to get a new bag from Pull & Bear - a normal-sized sling bag ( finally -.-). He usually carries those huge-ass bags like Deuter or Crumpler or eaglecreek (cringe), which effectively turns him into a turtle / take up up 3/4 of his torso heh.

Dropped by PageOne to look for the new book by Eoin Colfer, Time Paradox in the Artemis Fowl series, but it was out of stock miso sad. So i accompanied the boyfriend to NUS for squash, but got inceredibly bored within an hour. So i left at 7.30, but I only made it home at 10 fucking pm.

Long story involving : Five bus 151s, Two buse 5s, many chiongster NUS students.

ZZZ. Fuckers.

Anyway, this morning I fought with my sister and it was a jolly fight. My favourite part was when she flew through the air and landed on her ass ( she says I cheated, but I didn't lor!) . But of course I also have battle scars la, now my right eye is super swollen, I feel like I've grown an extra boob on my eyelid. TSK.

But we're okay now la. I know a lot of people don't get it - how we always fight and make up. It's a sibling thing la, once in awhile you need a huge huge huge major catfight and all will be well for a few months to a year, give or take, then is you fight again heh.

My poor innocent brother tried to stop us and my sister scratched his nipple by accident hahaha now his armpit /chest / arms have scratch marks HAHAHAHA SORRY!

Anyway, will be heading out to Gelare later ( half-priced waffles XD !!!) then to Queensway to find my fatty and have Ikea meatballs ( yay!). Also, I will act hurt and pitiful so he'll give in to me the entire day hehehe.

Shhhhhhh don't tell him k, he won't get to read this til later tonight when he gets home ;P

Wah cheebong when I look to the right I can totally see the swollen flesh out of the corner of my eye lor -.- 

Ah anyway, leaving for waffles now byeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

p/s - I get close to 600 readers a week!! I am awesome. Also, NUFFNANG PLEASE GIVE ME ADS LEH !