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Generally intolerant and deathly allergic to stupidity. I tend to repeat myself, I tend to repeat myself, and I like food, clean shaven pits and interesting nail polish shades.

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.The past three days...{ Tuesday, August 19, 2008 }

On sunday my boyfriend got his new $460 Tokina Macro lense, he's been prancing around ever since.

Some test shots :

After work, he brought me out to eat at N2, one of our favourite places to dine. But the place has changed hands, so to speak, and the food now sucks balls. Seriously. Was kinda disappointed, but the company was great, so ..

Raisin face rofl.

Vein-y arms, i like XD.

Unidentifiable ( and INEDIBLE) spring onion chicken. LOL wtf right? This is like stir-fried haris meat hahaha all black and salty and gross ROFL.

I spent all of sunday night/morning working on my homework, as per the usual yoko-last-minute-chiong-700-projects-cuz-she-has-skeelz timeline i keep to. Slept at around 4am, woke up at 8am with my fatty at my side. I kicked him a lot, just for fun hahaha he's really dead to the world when he's sleeping. Finished my project on time ( LOL ), and had it printed and mounted this morning at sunshine plaza. I'd asked Chrystal to meet me at bugis - she went straight to Sunshine plaza and I went straight to Bras basah HAHA. Got lost for about 10 minutes and eventually found my way there, and met Sherwin and Dawn as well.

BTW DAWN IS FUCKING FUNNY! She can't tell the difference between a duck and a chicken and thinks all chinamen are Yao ming LOL /dies.

After submission, met my boyfriend in town, had the duck noodles of awesomeness (yay!) ! Walked, window shopped, bought nothing and ate Gelare's half priced WAFFLES (!!!!). Cookie dough and cookies & cream = WIN. Met ziying to have her ears checked at Wisma. Ate, talked, she stole some of our waffles, talked some more, and took the train home together.

The train was packed like a bloody sardine can, and we were surrounded by all these pushy horsefuckers (!!!!) so annoying one lor.( Speaking of trains, today there was this indian lady standing in the same carriage as me, and I couldn't tell if she was pregnant or just fat @_@. Imagine if she wasn't preggers and I'd offered my seat then GG balls she taupok me I die. I guess I'll never find out, cuz I gestured to her, she shook her head and got off and the next stop. Or maybe that's a sign HAHAHA okay whatever, i digress ). This lady fell on me and i pushed her off. It was a reflex action la serious! I really didn't mean to @_@. A ninja lady entered the train. And by ninja I mean she slipped through the train doors as they were closing hahaha wah lao then she started throwing shurikens. Kidding about the shuriken part la. Anyway, boyfriend sent me home, he is fat and I miss him already.

Boyfriend. With. Hair. GASP (!!!!)

Chocolates I bought when I had free reign with homan's wallet HURHUR.
[ Speaking of which, when I took it, that joker waved sadly to me and said, "goodbye money!" -.-")

Waffles of awesomeness, made even more awesome due to 50% discount HURHUR.

His hair looks abit green here woo!

LOL. Contrast in expression = WIN. ( Please note my boyfriend's tiny slits for eyes LOL)

Him trying to dispute tiny-slit-for-eyes statement ROFL.

LOL dunno what my boyfriend is doing - focus on the spoon for what ? -.-"

Slut specs.


In crowded train ( my bf is a joker -.-)

Lady who fell on me. TSK.


Milk Chocolate covered digestive biscuits from marks and spencer, don't play play!

~End of picspam~

Wah cheebong damn full now, want to explode.

Okay end of super long update. Tomorrow i'm leeching the camera from my boyfriend = more photos coming soon!

I can feel the waffles trying to come out of my ass so i shall go shit now hahahaha okay bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~