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.I HATE YOU, YOU DRUGINHALINGHORSEFUCKER!..{ Saturday, August 30, 2008 }

I hate si-y. This morning was wasted watching stupid pointless videos of dolphins swimming in the ocean and horrifying animal cruelty videos. She needs to die. Like now.

Today was a really bad day. As in a really shitty-shitty-bang-bang kinda day. Okay fine, only about half the day was shitty, right up until the part where homan became my human shield, but more on that later.

Popped by City Hall, which was INSANELY crowded, mostly due to Comex I guess. The escalator area ( the one the leads to the Billabong / New York New York area) was congested like shit omg. Was stuck there for around twenty minutes lor it was hot like fuck as well. ZZZ. Good thing we were moving towards Suntec. The people heading towards the MRT were the suay ones I tell you omg! We'd argued right before this so I was quite disgruntled. By the time we got out homan was sweating buckets so I thought the argument was nullified cuz that made me feel a lot better HURHUR sorry honey i gotta be honest rofl.

Anyway, ate at Shokudo, I am quite partial to japanese pasta. The boyfriend thought it was so-so, but he is weird and not a foodie so don't take his word for it :P . He had some karage thingy with miso wafu tomato sauce and I had Soft Shell crab with wafu sauce, which was delicious. Unfortunately, no pictures for that cuz I was too fricking hungry so I inhaled it in like two minutes heh.

Went to Comex after that, crowded like fuck. But that was expected, so it was all good. Boyfriend got harrassed by a sales assistant when he wanted to get a printer, that malay guy was super pushy so homan felt bitchy and randomly picked another guy to buy it from so that the malay guy wouldn't get commission rofl.

As we were walking though the crowd, one guy pushed though while saying "excuse me!". And a random nerd behind me said, " Excuse you or squeeze you?", and homan thought he was referring to me and he totally went into this WTF-DID-YOU-JUST-PUSH-MY-GF-I-AM-GOING-TO-RIP-YOUR-BALLS-OFF mode and it was quite scary. His eyes got all wide ( well, as wide as they could go la, you know how he has tiny slits for eyes heh ;P ) as he stared around and he face turned ultra haris-black!
Oh and I used to wonder if homan would kick ass for me if anyone tried to be funny with me. So now i know (: and it's a good feeling i must admit ;P.

On another less violent note, my black eye is semi fading, and Si-y is a giant cheebai she fucking ANNOUNCED it to my entire APEL class this morning. Like hello? It isn't yours to tell okay you stupid fuckbag. If i wanted the world to stare at me I wouldn't pull my fringe down to cover it. Jeez you insensitive fuckbag. All that weed must be affecting what little brain you have left. Disgusting hippie slutface. Go fuck a duck.

ROAR!! I really fucking hate her. She really need to just die. I'm sure everyone would agree. 

Pictures for now, cuz talking about her just made my brain throw up.

Skanked out ho bag sister who gave me a black eye ROAR~! She refuses to let me put up her unglam photo rofl.

Crazy human congestion. This is after we squeezed though. See the tiny path on the right? that's the way to Suntec heh.

Yummmmmmmmm pastaaaaa D: !

Fake emo fringe.

I look so completely normal with my hair down, that when i flip my fringe up by accident I see a lot of shocked faces when they spot my eye. Bitches!

LOL his bag.

"eh wait wait! Let me flex abit first let all the veins pop out!"

Jeez why do we always wear the same shoes?

My fringe makes me look like itchyface /cries.

Oh and what the fuck a lot of people have been staring at me recently. Seriously! What ARE YA'LL LOOKING AT YOU CAN'T SEE MY EYE UNDER My FRINGE BITCHES SO STOP STARING TSK. It's kinda funny to stare at them with my black eye though they won't meet my eyes after that. Heh.

Okay gotta work tmr byeeeeeeee!