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.argh...{ Friday, August 29, 2008 }

today was unremarkable. I exercised a little (gasp!) haha now my legs veh pain tmd.

I'm currently rubbing my eye with another egg. I think I've gone through at least six eggs since the fight. And now i'm hungry and the egg smells really good omg nooooo.

OMG i have just discovered nirvana in Downtown east! There's a Superdog outlet in it!!!!!!!! And Gelare!! And the new Fish and Co EXPRESS is opening there soon OMGGGGGGGGG MISO EXCITED WANT TO DIE!!

Saturday = Picnic + photoshoot with boyfriend at Botanical Gardens + meatballs in the afternoon yay miso excited. 

Class tomorrow at noon = impending doom because my lecturer is FUCKING long winded. He beats around the bush, then beats the fucking bush the death first before making his point. then he goes on to resurrect the sad, poor bush and continues beating it ( it's new undead status matters not), until it succumbs and turns into a pile of twigs / accepts jesus and goes to heaven (thus making it unressurectable), then proceeds to repeat his point again. After which he looks for another bush to beat around.

Sigh. Okay veh tired now. Contemplating eating the egg. hmmm.

On a completely unrelated note, I make awesome milo. Okay bye.