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.you leave me speechless...{ Tuesday, July 1, 2008 }

I need to be in your arms again because I can't quite remember what it feels like anymore.

I need to see your face, count your countess pimples, ruffle your acorn-shaped hair and poke your fat tummy.

What we had we so ( i can't find a word to describe it) , sometimes it's hard to believe it was real.

It's 31 days more, one month exactly i can't can't can't can't can't wait.

Digressing, I love topshop canvas shoes.

I think i might wanna do this thing , like everywhere we go just take pictures of feet and the ground, sorta like tracking where we went, hmmmmmmm.

okay random thought whatever.

Anyway, my handphone bill has arrived it's like $150 which wasn't as bad as I expected; homans' was 670money @_@.

I feel kinda guilty about it, but i i i need(ed) to hear your voice ):

Oh oh and because I am extremely materialistic;

Miss selfridge top, F21 shorts, Topshop flats (yay).

This is like my 4th pair of topshop flats I plan on getting these in white soon yayyyyy. But it's out of stock at all stores, so i might have to order it online heh.

Oh and I bought a skirt ( which everyone seems to have heh grace & angel lol), and i found a vest in a cut i was looking for yay!

The boyfriend says I find everything I'm looking for simply because I look for everything -.- .

You nipple; you're in germany you don't talk to so much heh.

I don't find that i'm that materialistic, i just like colourful ( sometimes expensive) things -.- . Max I'll spend on one piece of clothing is 100moola, so I don't think I'm that bad (yet).

It's 2.13 in the morning, I'm having diarrhoea andddddddd it is not fun.

Hmm okay i think i'm done shitting (LOL) okay bye.

Thanks poks and david for trying to cheer me up, but don't worry la i'm not depressed. I'm actually quite optimistic at this point because it's only 31 days more ( i say only as in relatively).

I hope you like the CD, you pirate LOL.