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.Word vomit...{ Friday, July 18, 2008 }

Went out with Amanda and Zinc on monday, it was pretty fun. Amanda went home and started online shopping ( NOT MY FAULT I SWEAR! I only talked about it T_T) hahah she is psycho, seriously. So psycho that she psychoed me into buying stuff also noooooooo ! THe money was supposed to be boyfriend money, as in money for the prezzie that i intended to get him, but um too late. Shall have to think of a proper substitute heh.

Anyway, I'm at work, I'm tired and I just ate salmon sushi, which was awesome. My dad payed for it, which made it even more awesome XD.

Yesterday = batman with david, joleong, jobung, grace, angel, sock and desiree. David spilled half his nachos + nacho cheese, which made the floor disgustingly sticky. I would know, because I sat next to him and i stepped on a squishy lump, it was either a nacho or one of the tissues he used to clean the cheese off his bag, but either way, it was bloody gross.

The movie was quite creepy, was pretty freaked out heh. But the freakiness was balanced by chinese girls chatting behind me, and itchy face whining about a car. Miso sad, the latter spoilt the movie for me ): oh wtf i just ate a cherry tomato. disgusting.

Um i think the best part of yesterday was JOSEPH DANCING PARA PARA HAHAHAHAHAHA. IT WAS AWESOME, I HAVE IT ON VIDEO. Blackmail time ~ heh heh heh. I said I'd pay for the parapara ( which i did), but he misheard me and thought that I'd PAY him for parapara-ing, in case you're wondering how the hell i got him to do it ;P.

Dinner with Haris after the movie, he is such an asshole LOL. Also, he deems himself not black enough, which is why he is SMOKING, cuz he wants to turn his lungs black as well. At least, that's my theory, because there is no good reason to smoke. Dumbass. Stop smoking, or i'll tell that whore about your crying stunt HAHAHAHA~

Anyway, pictures, because I'm too lazy to blog more and daniel let the FREE singfest tickets go T_T.


Fastasticly shitty hair.


I ♥ YOG, made of drawing block paper. Fucking difficult to make please zzzz.

Um okay, I will start on my webby now, tmr is mrs nedu's son's birthday. I hope I don't see any my ex-boyfriends D:

Okay not possible shit shit shit help. Manda and zinc I'll be hiding behind ya'll alot HAHAHAA.