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.Let's go meet DOGMAN HAHAHA WTF?!..{ Sunday, July 6, 2008 }

Went out with daniel yesterday and we ate the duck noodles of awesomeness. I bought a necklace which cost an arm, a leg and an armpit, and i went to get purple highlights. Heh. Fake hair highlights only la, chillax.

I tried to convince Daniel to get a long strand for a fringe so that he could do that ah beng fringe flick HAHAHA but alas, i failed.

HAHA which is just as well, else I would have died laughing.

OMG this stupid boy at the lanshop makes me want to shoot myself.

Me : Your com number is 34 and 35.

Stupid boy: Orh okay. *Yells to friend* OI FASTER~ COM NUMBER 25, 26!!!


Wah lao, brain spoil.

And fuck la, i forgot to bring the SLR photos tsk shoot me please.

Daniel Yeo, surrounded by Yeo's can drinks HAHAHA !

This was the only photo that captured his whole face LOL.

Purple highlights, though they kinda look a little blue here.

Okay my brother is bringing the SLR photos down later, yay.

The boyfriend is going up a mountain now wtf lor. Please come back in one piece, you are fat.

Munching on Frosties now, they are awesome okay bye.