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.Although I'm hardly worth your time ....{ Sunday, July 13, 2008 }

Um hello, boyfriend is in berlin right now. He'll return to germany in two days time then it's off to london, and back to germany (?) and then back here to me.

20 days more. I am grateful for this tiny little number, it makes the time left seem insignificant.

I'd blog about the picnic, but I don't have the pictures and therefore shan't. I hate to blog halfway. WIll be leeching photos from zinc tmr.

My plan for the next week goes something like:

-Finish badge designs by friday

-Ikea with Zehra on Tuesday

-Start on giant alphabets / microsite on Wednesday

- Batman with Davidchan ( aka batman fanatic) and the some other classmates on Thurs

- Go out with Joe (!!!) on Friday ( he is botak now HAHAAAAAAA)

- Hunt down girls in homan's photos, slit their throats while they sleep/ hire crazy japanese man to eat and panfry their boobs ( HAHA CHINGYYYY)

- Finish up alphabets / badges by saturday, then reserve entire next week for photoshoots.

This is my plan, but we all know I won't stick to it.

HARHAR i don't know why I even bother.