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.At a loss...{ Friday, July 11, 2008 }

Hello, my head is about to implode. I am at work, which explains the headache.

What that doesn't tell you, however, is that there are four little boys, siblings, i believe, who are seated at the terminals right beside the counter.



It's like they were only born with lungs, so like their lungs are like A2 size or something wtf. I'm stoning to death, because my ears are dying, and they all look innocent and cute so i can't yell at them. Cunning bastards.

Oh my god they're yelling again. zzzzzzzzzzz. Oh in case anyone doesn't know, my boyfriend is also FUCKING LOUD. Maybe it's the hong kong air or something. His lungs also super huge, like they start at his throat and end at his toes or something HAHAHAHA omgggg brain spoil sorry i'm just totally talking rubbish.

My head hurts damn badly, and i just wanna bomb them zzzz. Maybe they're from hongkong too? HARHARRRR okay i know i'm horrible, stereotyping my honkytong boyfriend D: !

Okay la i love you, you so fat.

Was up til 4am playing mahjong, which i suck at. But there was something in the air yesterday or my fengshui was awesome or something because i only lost $1.30 ! Usually my tray gets cleared ($20) not including the amount i owe, cuz i usually run out of chips to pay them with HAHAHA.

Digressing, my boyfriend is learning japanese. Like written and spoken japanese. Sometimes it makes me feel inadequate. Like he speaks english, chinese, hokkien,cantonese,french, and will add japanese to that long list soon. So annoying. I can barely converse in chinese, and there he is spouting random languages. I suppose I can't fault him for being knowledge thirsty, but sigh. He wants me to learn french, i don't actually mind, but i doubt i'll be able to afford it.

Oh and he put up like 300 pictures of france on his facebook some time back, miso lazy to put up here zzzzzz. Anyway, because i am very prone to jealousy and hungry for pictures of him because I have not seen him in so bloody long, I tend to stalk his facebook in hopes that someone will tag him in their pictures. But when they do, it makes me sad cause he looks content and happy without me, while i'm rotting to death back here in singapore. I think it's worse when there are girls in the photos, it gives me a sudden urge to start sharpening all my kitchen knives heh.

Anyway, some photos i'm leeching from facebook, cuz I like seeing him on my blog, despite him being surrounded by girls. I really do mean surrounded, you'll see what i mean later.

This makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. I hate it when he uses fat jokes on other ppl roar. yes yes i am a jealous shitbag i know.

NINE girls and two guys. NINE LEH. VOMITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. I told you he was surrounded. gag. eh hello need your boobs go so near his head? tsk. like, if he turns he'll be nestling or whatever. zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

OKAY FINE LA FINE i put up some of his photos i know ya'll wanna see and he's very hao lian about them zzzzz.

woo i like these.

honey you're being borderline stalkerish @_@

chio shit.

Do you see a pattern forming? He's very prone to taking photos with unbroken lines or with seemingly endless paths heh.

Okay those were my favourites out of the 300. And now my eyes are dying and my heart kinda hurts. Those photos represent the time you spent twenty thousand miles away from me.

I don't know how to describe what i'm feeling. It's like i'm just existing for now and not living. Is there any particular word for that? And wow this is a fucking long post.

okay okay i try not to emo okay bye bye.

WOO LOOK NO GIRLS! But oi why you look so happy. tsk. stop being so happy without me. tsk. poke.