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...{ Saturday, June 7, 2008 }

yellow (LOL), i am sick.

I am drinking Luohanguo juice, which tastes disgusting, but my mom says it's 'cooling'. Anyone knows how to translate 'cooling'? ROFL mehhhhhhhhhh i wanted to do my hair today ( YES I HAVE SAVED ENOUGH *DUM DUM DUM*!!) but my dad is sick and I am filial so HELLO I AM AT WORK NOW LALALA. was supposed to roast marshmallows with zehra tskkkkk SORRY HUN!

Oh and poks good luck with your SATS lol.

Oh and I got a pleasant surprise today. I checked my bank balance and there was an extra 90 bucks WOOOOOOOOO shiok shit, apparently leftover pay from last month's stint at borders. Shiok or notttttttt HAHAHAHA. Haris got many many money he'd better treat me ROAR!

Oh and I saw this goergeous topshop skirt omg i'm in love.

I've reserved it and am getting it on monday wooooooooooooooooooooo!

It's a sad fact that I turn to materialism to drown my sorrows rofl.OMG i'm freaking hungry zzzz right now.

Oh and i miss my smelly. he smses me maybe once or twice a day, because each sms he sends costs like an arm, a leg and an armpit. ZZZZZZZ TSK.

And he has no internet connection, so he can't even email me. So much for communicating. heh.

Here's a photo of the fatball in case you forgot what he looks like ( as i well might if not for my wallpaper rofl):

Hello bright green japaneze speaking watch I is learning japanezeeee to understand youuuuuuuuuuuu~

Okay, damn bored now and I think I feel a fever coming on CRAP NOOOOOOOOO!

Omg i am retarded ( but you prolly already knew that heh).

Oh and omggggg I put up a selling post and the response was AWESOME SEE SEE :

Money is my (substitute) honey

okay bye.