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.That's what you get when you let your heart win...{ Sunday, June 22, 2008 }

Happy birthday Shaun, you hairy bugger you!

We celebrated his birthday at east coast yesterday, we being zinc,haris,daniel,meiyern and a group of zinc's class mates ( wenjing, joanne, dawn, jackie, bohan and another shaun/sean dunno how to spell).

We flew kites around and Haris managed to kill three of them. He got them stuck in trees and what not rofl. Lousy bugger.

Haris : Eh should I go help them or not ar? Kite-flying is a malay thing la, the chinese really suck at it.

Yoko : Er okay fuck you, but whatever la go help lor~

Haris : Aiya okay la i go help them la.

*Proceeds to get kite stuck in tree*

HAHAHA you black loser!! I almost got killed by joanne's kite please. I was just walking along the beach when her kite suddenly dive bombed down like 5 cm in front of my face WTF! I basically took like 700 photos with the SLR, can't wait to get them developed.

The rest of the digital photos are all with zinc, which means I won't be getting them any time soon rofl.

We walked like 500 km or something to the other end of the beach to get to the ( extremely crowded) hawker centre. Wah lao there was this fucking annoying fishball-eyed lady who really pissed me off, but I shan't start on her because I don't want to spoil my mood and I bought yummy eggtarts to eat later yay!

There was an airshow practice going on, and two aeroplanes made a heart shape in the sky, sibei chio. The weather was nice, the breeze was amazing and all the ants crawled into jackie's bag instead of mine. It was a good day. ROFL.

I wish I could show you the pictures but but but they're currently in two film canisters in my bag so crapola.

I'm tired. Tomorrow is the last day of class la shiok shit.

I want to watch Zohan and Get smart, ask me outttttttttttt~~~~~

Okay good bye.