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.OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW...{ Wednesday, June 25, 2008 }

Um i think i broke my toe. Or fractured it or something.

I kicked the chair leg by accident wtf now my last toe is at a weird angle. Or has it always been deformed and pointing 70 degrees to the right?? Hmmm.

I think there's some bleeding under the nail, or what's left of the nail, or rather the bed of flesh left. No la just kidding my toenail is still attached. For now, anyway.

Urghhhhhhhhhh I hate having to semi-beg for a phone call, I feel pathetic. I smsed him like four times for the past 2 days, just so I can hear his voice a little longer the next time he calls, which I hope will be soon. I think it is sad, that I have to resort to facebook just to get a look at him through random profiles of his (vomit) FEMALE classmates (vomit again). I think it's sadder still, that I have to make do with 2 smses a day and barely any communication.

But unfortunately for me, I am in love with that lump of fat and so I hang on, despite what being apart is doing to me, because I am quite obviously brain damaged.

Oh my god my life sucks, despite new shoes, wallets, bags and underwear.

Okay fine life doesn't suck when you have cute underwear but CHEEEEEEEEBS I think my toe just went into coma.