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.Moments of weakness...{ Tuesday, June 24, 2008 }

I seem to have a lot of those recently.

Anyway, pictures from saturday, and I'm tired, hungry and still miserable after looking at that stupid photo of him and that girl.

I'm really not that clingy but sometimes you don't miss your water until your well runs dry, and right now my well is a sad, empty, dehydrated thing.

Anyway, some photos from saturday. Oh and I sent the rolls in for development, collecting tomorrow, i hope hope pray pray they turn out all right (:

And misoooooooo hungry ):

Aight pictures.

Traffic Stopping. MY ASS HAHAHA

Heh i like this cuz it makes me look thinner than i really am rofl.

Touch my body~~ ROFL

( This is 11.30 in the morning on the 24th heh)

Am working later at 5pm, abit tired, and super broke heh. I just bought a pair of topshop flats which i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee because I love colourful shoes.

I've to collect my dress and my photos later miso happy want to die.

Okay gotta crap byeeeeeeeee~