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.Konbawa...{ Tuesday, June 3, 2008 }

My boyfriend is missing again. The other day he didn't contact me for almost an entire day because he left his phone in his luggage. Which in turn scared the shit out of me I thought he got bombed or robbed or something zzz. And in about 3 hours time he will have been un-contactable for 24 hours exactly . Which sucks balls.

Um today was a relatively good day, despite the missing fatty and the shitty start.

Japanese was blah because I didn't know a single person, but halfway through class it started getting fun, so it was okay I guess. There are like 7000 jokers in my class. Entertaining, but still, not knowing anyone sucks balls.

Um, the good thing is I end class at 12 noon, and am basically free the entire day. Which is actually a bad thing cuz everyone else is having classes while I'm free to do .. absolutely nothing.

So I harrassed a huge amount of people until I found someone able to accompany me to Bras Basah Complex to get my typewriter ribbon ink ( which I found and they were cheap too yay!). That someone has exams tomorrow hahahaha thanks for accompanying me, HARISSSSSS~!

But the smelly joker was an hour late lor TSK. So i ended up buying the ink first before meeting him, which completely defeated the purpose -_- .

Anyway, we ate at Sakae Sushi ( which remind me of homan zzzzzzzzz who is STILL MISSING) and the food was shiok and Haris is a pig. I just found out that he can't stand it when people roll their eyes at him. Which is quite a weird pet peeve, if you think about it. He considers the middle finger less offensive than an eye roll.


HAHAHA oh and we caught Indiana Jones!! Which Homan wanted to watch. Heh.

Oh my god, worse mistake on earth. Shittiest movie I've seen in a DAMN LONG TIME.

The story line is like WTF and the action scenes are like WTF?! and like 60 year old Indiana jones can junp and leap around like an acrobat and will miraculously dodge 700000000000 bullets shot by 70 russian soldiers. Oh and Shia Labeouf will turn out to be tarzan and it was just atrocious. HAHA fuck man, waste $7.50. On the other hand, I collected my GV club card, which is in the shape of a bucket of popcorn, quite cool heh.

Oh and I looooooooove Daiso it has like EVERYTHING for $2 only heh I sound like an auntie but whatever la. I bought things to complete the thing I'm making for smelly but he's missing so I don't feel like starting on it right now. Maybe tomorrow, I guess.

I'm hungry.

Today was a 50/50 kinda day, fun sprinkled with lots of shitty bits which were eventually nullified by cheap $2 Daiso buys YAY!

Okay whatever, pictures.

ROFL Harry Potter Frames, which I bought because I am retarded.

Urgh Eyebags. Vomit.

Sumo Hair ROFL.

The first thing he said to me was, " I wear nice right? Handsome right?"

Look at the long condom-like Daiso plastic bag. Super cool la never see before.

Okay end of stupid post that is supposed to keep me awake while I wait for my boyfriends' SMS. Not that it's working, I'm about to concuss already zzzzzzzzzzz.

Daijōbu Desu ka?