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.It's a matter of time til you return, but what if it's time that matters?..{ Sunday, June 15, 2008 }

He went online yesterday. And i fell asleep thrice.

Three bloody times.

Then he got annoyed, so i sat up properly in a bid to stay awake and got disconnected and tried frantically to go back online and when I did, I received an sms from him saying he was offline already.

I want to stab something.

It was around one or two in the morning, and I'd been working for 6 hours after I literally walked from Clark Quay to Raffles Place. And I was bloody tired, it was 2am and I really couldn't stay awake. I just couldn't.

After that, I couldn't go back to sleep either, due to a hysterical fit and a massive crying jag ( which scared the shit out of amos).

So now I'm bloody tired(er), my eyes have almost swelled shut, and I've 12 more hours at work ahead of me.

I've an email from him in my inbox, just waiting to be read. But I can't bring myself to, if i cry somemore my eyesballs will probably fall out.

The tiny amount of time that you can spend online is bloody precious, the fact that you could even find a a connection is just short of miraculous and yet ..

I fell asleep.

Someone please stab me.