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.Cheebs = cheebai rofl...{ Wednesday, June 25, 2008 }

I just got home from work.

Today was excruciatingly slow for some reason. I'm tired and feeling harassed, not to mention hungry.

I barely thought of him today, I had too many errands to run. Picked up the photos, they weren't as fabulous as I expected, sadly. Most had a slight yellow tinge in a oops-i-dropped-the-photo-in-tea kind of way and not in that woo-yummy-vintage-finish that I was hoping for.

I'm starving, but I'm too lazy to go cook something because the aircon is on and it is shiok.

I just received my 5 pairs of super cute F21 underwear and my very expensive (now empty) wallet, I somehow feel more excited about the underwear than the wallet. Will prolly sell it because I am retarded please shoot me.

Again, I'm hungry but I am lazy and also wildly afraid I might poison and thus kill myself.

Um okay i just went to cook it tasted horrible.

Miso bored, and i think there are 39 days left.

I hope things start looking up.