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.Hello...{ Friday, June 20, 2008 }

I finished work at 11.20pm, concussed on the bus and am now sleeping on the cold ceramic tiles because my sister is sick and doesn't want to turn on the air conditioning. I have a giant bruise on my hip from being taupoked by my siblings, my neck and shoulders are aching like a bitch after just two days at borders and tomorrow I have a play rehearsal for Japanese class.

It is ironic just how much I suck at Japanese, me having a jappy name and all. 

Today is a rather good day because IN A WEEK FATTY IS LEAVING LYONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN LALALALALALA which means he'll be at his friend's place which means a stable internet connect which equals FUCKING YES!

Oh and and and miso tired, want to shit.

I have found a way to save money. Yes yes, gasp away. HAHA. Okay fine not really a practical method but whatever. I SHALL LEND MOOLA TO PPL. Then i'll have no moola to spend. Okay la this is working because I just lent *ahem* ZINC some moola which is good la LALALALA.

I am selling my hoodie for many many money am quite glad (:

Oh anddddd I can't think of anything else to say.

I'm working at 3pm tmr, miso tired want to die.

I didn't sms my fatty much due to my busy schedule, and was quite suprised (pleasantly so) to find 3 msgs from him after turning my HP on after my shift.

WAH! that's $1.59 ! And he's usually such a scrooge with the smses (:

Love you long time you fat ball (:

PS - My brother has amazing testicle movement ROFL.