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.HARROW...{ Sunday, June 29, 2008 }

I have Santana on replay, my brain is shutting down and I'm craving comfort food.

I'm working another 12 hours tomorrow, I hope I remember to scan in the SLR photos.

I watched Wanted on thursday morning with my sister, it wasssssssssssss okay only lor, miso disappointed and sad, kinda like how I get disappointed when my fatty tells me he now has internet but has no time to go online for me to see his fat face.

After that, I went for a balloon shoot with Anus, it was awesomely crazy. We went to the Concourse Mall for balloons and discovered it had closed. How annoying. We found out (by accident) that they'd moved to somewhere around the Bras Basah area, and I got ten multicoloured helium balloons for ten bucks. Only nine made it to Kallang though, where we were supposed to go shooting. One exploded while we were walking and trying to flag a cab, and Amos screamed like a little bitch HAHAHA. Anyway, we got in the cab, and he just kept trying to tell the uncle we weren't attached, although the taxi driver didn't say anything the whole ride. I think it is very obvious that Amos is in love with me HAHAHA.

We dropped by the indoor stadium, and it just happened to be one of the NDP rehearsal days, and there were like 70000000 little kids in uniforms, staring at us retards, and by us i mean *cough* AMOS *cough*, posing with a giant bouquet of balloons.

Anyway, we'd take pictures of them, they'd run away screaming, or try to jump in while were shooting. Little bastards heh.

We had to cross the bridge ( it's name eludes me) to get to the giant field, and the lighting was awesome. The field was occupied by five or so families, all whom brought their dogs/kids out, and it was awesome. They were so angmoh and ~high class~ yet singaporeanishly chatty and friendly with each other, I'd totally love to live there next time. There was a huge amount of dogs and they were all tame and shit and there WAS NO POOP! Amazing.

Anyway, there was a shitsu, a giant golden retriever, 2 chihuahuas, a silky terrier, husky, bull terrier, sausage dog, laboodle ( labrador + poodle) and a few more I can't name. My favourite was the black chihuahua, it looked like a rat with elongated legs.

Anyway, it's 1.20am in the bloody morning, my brain is dying, so I shall just end my crap here.

Oh and pictures from the balloon shoot. They might get a little repetitive, cuz I couldn't untangle them until the end so I had to keep taking them in a bunch heh.

PS - wow this is a long post

Gross shit. That's chewed and liquified sugar peanuts. shudder.

Itchy face ROFL.

My irises are missing in this photo, it's quite creepy heh.

Wah lao this is damn act cute.

Typical Amos jumping shot.

This is one my my favourites.

This makes me LOL like shit because the orange balloon seems to be coming out his ass ROFL.

Bridge of awesome lighting

Balloon got stuck between his legs rofl.

Dachshund : I bo chap you leh.


Dachshund and brown chihuahua.

I realize this makes me evil, but whenever i see this i go OMG ALIEN BABY
*cue Xfiles theme song*

Silky terrier : I HUMP YOU~~
Ang Moh boy in orange shirt: :D

AWWWWWW so adorable right!?

The shoot didn't go as well as I expected though, only had a couple of nice ones out of the *cough* 621 *cough* that I took. I think i need a chio-er model HAHAHA sorry amos. Wah lao he keep telling me i'm ugly lor that fucker someone please kick his ass!

Anyway, I'm supposed to scan in the SLR photos but my dad doesn't want me to work today, so I can't. Tsk.

The fatty is in germany right now, in alvin's nipple(sorry, inside joke) with his friends. ROFL.

Aiya I'm tired. I waited til like 3am for a call that didn't come, so am irritated and agitated and whatever la okay bye.