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.Amos cannot go to bangkok to bangcock...{ Thursday, June 26, 2008 }

My head still feels like it's going to explode.

The worst part is feeling like it's GOING to explode but it never does and it hurts so bad.

He almost never picks up now, or when he does, he's busy or there's no reception. The headache hurts less than this.

No time no time no time no time no time no time no time no time no time.

and to you;
no tact no tact no tact no tact no tact no tact

and to you;
i hereby present the lousiest parent award. I suppose that might be a bit unfair, but I frankly do not give a rat's ass, because:

a) I do not have a rat

b) you make me want to stab myself in the ears just so I am exempt from listening to your crap.

I am FUCKING HUNGRY and you know that's a fact when I actually drag myself off the bed and into the kitchen.

I'll let you know if i die from either starvation or food poisoning.

Or rather, I won't because obviously I'd be immobile and stiff. If I don't blog in three days please check the obituaries.

Oh and I caught get smart this morning, it was awesome.

Tomorrow I'm catching Wanted OMG I CANNOT WAIT.

Please watch this trailer and drool or die from envy.

Okay i go cook now.