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.omg my thighs are so fattttttttttt ))):..{ Monday, May 5, 2008 }

Hello bitches, it's 12.33 in the fucking morning and I am cranky because I have not finished my packaging. I thought I was doing a good job of not procrastinating lately, at least for advertising. Well, might skip that tomorrow in order to finish my smelly packagings.

Am bloody cranky now, can you tell?

I did a french braid, i feel like a fat tomb raider. Where's my gun and ammo ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR!

My sister offered to get me a ipod shuffle, and i was like noooooooooooooooo NANO pleaseeeeeeeeee *blink blink blink flutters eyelids*.


miso sad )))):

Lol no la she said if I forked out 100 money, and if i asked my boyfriend to sponsor another 100 money, she'd pay the rest ( aka as 118 money). But then I feel bad asking my boyfriend, even though i did subtly hint at it ( in which case he agreed), but I felt shitty and materialistic after that, so therefore, no nano.

A pair of headphones would be nice though LALALA.

Speaking of presents, my birthday is on mother's day FTW! If anyone else's birthday was on the 11th ( aka mother's day), i'd give them a pregnancy kit and a mother's day card as a joke, but if you do that to me I'll kick your asses HAHAHA yes I am a hypocrite so what ;P ?

Anyway, I want to go to sentosa with the gang, but my bf is self-conscious and therefore doesn't want to, which is just sad.


Oh and FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK 16 days left til he flies away noooooooooooooo *shackles boyfriend to my leg*.

Wah lao the only person who remembered my birthday is amanda lor, thanks a lot guys heh.

Okay whatever, shan't brood, shan't be bothered that no one remembers ( yet again, bitches). I have decided I shall plan my own birthday to avoid disappointment, yes i shall.

Maybe just me and the boyfriend, that'll be nice.

Haris and Daniel, celebrate tgt on weds or thurs or fri or something? Let me know.

Stone la, i'm listening to nice, calming, beautiful songs and I'm still feeling cranky. Tsk.

Take a listen :


Okay lala off to do my packing sigh.