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.Book of vows rofl...{ Saturday, May 24, 2008 }

It's official, i'm going for church camp for the whole of next weekend.

The mere thought makes me want to throw up.

Or maybe that's just my stomach acting up. I can't keep anything in my stomach, I keep shitting everything out. It's unusual because I'm usually constipated and thus full of shit.

So now I'm not full of shit anymore I just feel all empty and .. shitless.

But nvm, I'm spending my time watching Avatar : The last airbender, which is a super shiok anime. Err then I'll move on to Hannah Montana, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl etc etc etc.

I shall keep occupied til he comes back so I won't have a chance to miss him.

Which is bullshit because he's constantly on my mind zzzzzzz.

I'm cramping like shit, it's the 3rd day and it isn't making sense. I think it's a manifestation of loneliness.

Wah so deep hor?

Complete bullshit.

Anyway I saw this on MTV, quite addictive despite sounding slightly nasal :

I bought a Supre sundress today. It is simple but I love it and now I is broke. As usual.


I couldn't resist going into Sookee today. I saw a pair of wedding bands that called my name. It had no diamonds, just a plain silver band. And now I have the brochure in my bag ;P

Okay I sound like a love-sick moron ( which I am).

LALA doesn't mean anythingggggggg don't get your hopes up you fatty, we'll talk after your one-year trip.

I miss you something fierce zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Miso sleepy now, tmr may be prawning with shaunying, daniel, meiyern and haris.

LALA hope tomorrow will be eventful and fun and I won't think about you so much.

I hope you're having fun in france (: