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......{ Saturday, May 10, 2008 }

11 hours more to my birthday.

Anyway, some fish eye pictures, the turn out was better than I expected, but some photos would have been better with flash. But then again my flash seems to not be working properly. Hmm.

So anyway, it was a good morning but has slowly become a bucket of diarrhoea, which is not fun, of course. Because as always, you deem yourself, your needs, your wants way more important than anyone elses. Why, we practically have to beg to get your attention and approval. Which is of course, why the room ration is 8:2 , or haven't you noticed? Oh wait, you planned it that way, how could I forget?

Silly me.

Oh wait, make that STUPID, because I apparently clicked on PS CS, while your clicked PS 7.0. So yes technically it works, and technically it doesn't, your royal highness. You were right, but I wasn't wrong either.

ANYWAY, shall digress to less fucked up things, like FISHEYE PHOTOS.

Holy boy

My brother being squished by three girls.

Was kinda disappointed by this one, it would have been fabulous if I had the flash on TSK

YT, who was supposed to act surprised LOL

Mortal enemies forced to pretend to like each other and smile in this photo LOL

Temasek Design School + Grace

Holy Girl

Fat Jack Russel

42-year-old Beagle

Naveen and Holy boy

This is my favourite shot

There are now 11 days left, and he has to buy stuff to bring over, afterwhich he needs to pack. Was supposed to accompany him today, but I've to work at the last minute. Which is not fun.

Tomorrow is my birthday, I foresee it shall be shitty as long as you are near me.

Thank you chingy, for the cake.

Thank you Amos, for using your crotch to block my vision so as to stall me from seeing the cake. ( He climbed on the table behind my macbook in a open squat position, and I was like WTF ARE YOU DOING?! STOP HUMPING MY MACBOOK SCREEN! LOL)

Then out of the corner of my eye ( and Amos' left butt cheek), came chingy holding a cake.

Thanks (: