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...{ Tuesday, April 29, 2008 }

Yesterday was our 15th month anniversary, so i bought my fatty a Lonely Planet France guidebook, which is a guide book to France (duh). Borders and times didn't have any left so I rang MPH up and made this poor bugger call all the 22 MPH outlets to help me find the book and I really think I've the last copy left in Singapore hahaha. Anyway, went to collect it at Novena Square, where I bought Donuts from Donut Factory omgzzzzz CHINGY JEALOUS OR NOT HAHAHA.

No pictures, because my battery died on me. Stone.

Anyway, I had this nagging feeling that the boyfriend would need cheering up, and I was spot on. I hope the donuts and the guidebk helped, sweetie (: .

My sister forced me to watch The Orphanage with her, which scared me shitless and now I can't sleep. ZZZZZ.

Oh and the boyfriend, articulate as he is, doesn't like to articulate his feelings for me. In writing, that is. But he kept a journal of sorts, a little log about me for 10 days and gave it to me as my anniversary present.

He left to go squash, and I stayed in his room and read the thing and bawled my eyes out haha. Yes I melted into a puddle of mush hahaha stupid boyfriend make me cry TSK. Oh ya he has a bloody fan club okay everywhere we go girls keep waving merrily at him TMD FUCK OFF FAR FAR PLEASE TSK DAMN ANNOYED OKAY. Oh and he eats with 2 girls and another guy almost every night, seeing how they live in the same hostel which is driving me insane with jealousy tsk sometimes i wish i made the choice to go to JC then we'd both be in NUS then i realise it's stupid to want to choose a study path because of a boyfriend but whatever lala this is a pointless point. Argh I'm so jealous I want to stay near and be able to eat out late or go catch a late night movie and not worry about getting home late or what not sigh.

I hope to learn to drive asap but I think I prolly can't afford to learn/ get a car/ maintain a car.

Okay whatever I am tired but I cannot sleep because of the stupid freaky movie my sister made me watch tsk. Miso tired. 4 more adverts to go. GO ME.


yokoshy. says: (1:46:01 AM)
you're both holy and full of shit

yokoshy. says: (1:46:02 AM)

yokoshy. says: (1:46:08 AM)
totally made for each other

yokoshy. says: (1:46:21 AM)
and she's smart and full of shit and got 2 points for Os!

dEEn says: (1:46:42 AM)
haha u mean she's holy shit

yokoshy. says: (1:47:02 AM)


OMGZ he is telling me to go back to church hahaha nuuuuuuuu go away ahahaha

Anyway, I really wish you'd come and see my new place, it isn't the same cuz you haven't scratched your name into the paint yet ): 

( this is the part where i insert photo of homan's name which he scratched into the wall he helped paint but i can't find it ): )

Sigh, that's depressing.

Okay byebye.