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.Terms and Conditions do apply...{ Thursday, April 17, 2008 }

We belong together.

No need for vows of undying love, for promises to be faithful, simply because there is no one else.

Two months is a long time, but I will see it through, if only to see you at the end of the long wait.

Absent makes the heart fonder my ass, methinks.

But wait I will, because I'm the best girlfriend you've ever had, possibly your future fiance and because you bought me a mighty mouse.

Just kidding.

Me love you long time.

Long long time.

Long long long long time.

Long long long long long long longggggggggggggg time, well, you get the picture.

Okay I shall move on to less mushy topics.
I saw lotsa camp leaders today at vivo. Like Lilin, Ice, Crystal etc. But the one that made me laugh the hardest was Joseph Long. Can you imagine? King of corruption blindly leading the freshies to their doom HAHAHA but he looked so much like a freshie I almost died laughing hahahah ;P

Oh and I shopped for the first time since I started working.

I bought two tubes from fox, a top, a bag, and a pair of shorts.


Kill me now. Also, I bought a notebook from borders ( @ 30% off, thank you very much ). It's black and plain and has gorgeous grids on it I heart it many many.

Okay this is a shitty picture, shall put up a nicer one asap.

And it's 3.42am, my brain will be shutting down in about 5 seconds so good bye flea fly bird shit in your eye me love you long time yes i know it doesn't rhyme who gives a shit haha i typed this in 4 seconds going going gone.