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.lol WTF its' 4.34am...{ Friday, April 4, 2008 }

Hello good bloody morning.

It's damn bloody early, and the boyfriend is going to malaysia for three days, and will be at harbourfront MRT at 6am. Which is why I'm up at 4.37am, so as to make my way down to surprise him. Oh and did I mention I'm moving house?

It's damn fucked up, I really hate it. I was working, so my maid packed up all my stuff, which is good and bad. Good meaning yay I didn't need to pack and bad being fuck I don't know where all my stuff is / have to resort them / didn't get a chance to throw whatever I didn't want away.

And also, it's making everyone cranky, and yesterday the movers bailed on us. My mom starting swearing, which was funny, because she rarely does.



Anyway, I am FUCKING hungry, and extremely vulgar at this point. I'm tired, and there's a chance I might not be able to see him at all. And he was totally busy yesterday and couldn't talk to me.

But haris dropped by his hostel to take the NDS Lite from him, and I am so jealous my shirt is green. I am scheming as to how to save money for driving lessons, but then again, even if I pass I'll be carless. Am contemplating a bike license, vespas are relatively cheap ( and cute too). I totally need transport. Sigh.

Somthing like this:

Superly cute. LOL. GOD i hate that word. Superly. Shudder.

Or this :

This is a collaboration between GAP and Vespa, priced at USD $5999. HEH.

Or this :

HAHA this really is a vespa, I kid you not. It's a 1957 Vespa 400. I don't know if I could even fit in it lol.

Okay, anyway, i'm just blogging to pass the time and it is now 4.49. Shall walk out to the MRT now, and catch the train the harbourfront.

WIsh me luck in catching the BF!