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.HEh...{ Sunday, April 6, 2008 }

Work yesterday was super exciting. I saw stephanie sun, but she was really emaciated and thin and scrawny. Like super anorexic, unhealthy kinda skinny.

Also, this malay/chinese bugger was stealing magazines, and another customer saw it and told me and I told the manager and they cornered him at one of the exits and called the police and blocked the exit off but this annoying customer insisted on going out that particular exit and when he went out the door, the theif dashed out, and knocked into the (BordersBistro) chairs and fell over and got up again and started running but my (nerdcake) colleage tackled and headlocked him (gasp!)and they brought him into the private room where he kneeled down and begged the managers not to have him arrested lol.

So exciting right, my life?

Anyway, boyfriend is coming back at 11pm tonight, and I can't go see him because I'm working at Toapayoh right now and tomorrow I'm working at 8am.

I am really tired, and I'm like working everyday and everyone's still packing at home and well, it's really tiring. I've been so busy I haven't read my 8 Days magazine which i bought FOUR days ago.

Also, I'm sharing a room with my sister, I'm trying my best to be neat but it's hard work.

Oh and does it mean something bad if I hardly thought about the boyfriend for the past 2 days because I've been so busy? I mean, I don't even miss him THAT much, despite only contacting him via (less than) 5 smses a day. I dunno, will the 2 months be like that? I rilly rilly hope not, because no contact is not a good thing, I think.

Okay well, my new house isn't as small as I imagined, the lifts are kooky and retarded and the doors won't close despite you spamming the DC button, but it is kinda cosy.

And I've been farting for the past 10 minutes.

Which is weird, but not really.

Okay bye, yawn x 700.