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.I want to sink into your skin and stay there awhile...{ Wednesday, March 26, 2008 }

The past three days have been fun. Time passes really fast when you're running around shelving books or when you're alphabetizing the Self Help Section ( A - G only, thank you very much). It took five of us three hours to complete that. But it was fun. And the time ( $6 per hour) flies by super fast, and oh my god did I mention OT is like $9 an hour ?

And if you work til the wee hours of the morning, they send you back in cabs.

Borders rocks my socks.

Oh and 30% off storewide staff discount thanks.

Okay, I won't blog much because my shift starts at 8am, which means I have to be up at 6am. So, hello, i'm not dead, my feet are killing me, no we don't do reservations for that book because it has not arrived sorry, yes we do sell rubiks cubes, no we do not sell books in russian and sorry sir please do not pry open the sealed tantric sex book.

Oh and my brother is a stripper.

$100/hr and no I'm not shitting you.


I'm shifting house soon, have to pack my room nuuuuuuuu which will suck very badly once I start. Heh okay, I totally need comfy shoes like soon, all my shoes pinch ):

Oh and boyfriend bought me a mightymouse for my birthday, which is 2 months away and refuses to let me have it til then.


Oh and he's supposed to shave his height into his hair on my birthday, cuz of a dare a long time ago. XD.

Can't wait XD.

Also, I've learnt to stop expecting my birthday to be special. I think I shall just go to town for lunch or dinner, and watch the boyfriend squirm as he gets his head shaved XD. Maybe prawn fishing or kite flying before or after, that would be fun. Not going to wait for anyone to plan anything, because the day anyone bothers is the day I sprout an extra blue toe.

Alrighty, please listen to the song in that vid, it's so good.

And am waiting for pay so I can buy lotsa things at borders with my 30% off woohoo XD.

Oh and we're still hiring, so get your asses down!

And okay byebye, sleepy and tired.