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...{ Wednesday, February 20, 2008 }

People are always coming to me for relationship advice/ ideas to give their gf/bf.

Ironically enough, I've not done anything special for my boyfriend. I always make plans to do some artyfarty/ romantic shit, but in the end I procrastinate like )@(#@ and all the materials are sitting pretty underneath ten thousand other things.

Oh and I have to move out soon. Which of course, means shifting a lot of shit which means a pain in the ass for me. Because I have like 6 shelves full of random shit.

Anyway, I've been arguing with boyfriend. Which is sad, cuz we rarely do. And it usually starts with me being cranky, or him being annoying, or me being annoying and cranky, or all three at the same time. Which equals me being cranky x 2, which is bad enough. And so when I'm cranky, i'm an unreasonable pain in the ass, but I won't admit I'm wrong because i'm a PROUD unreasonable pain in the ass.

So there you go, stupid arguments over random rubbish.

So, let's just say that I'm wrong (theoratically, of course), then I should apologize right? And so now I'm apologizing.

Only in theory, of course ;P .

Sigh, anyway, I compiled a list of stuff that are on their way to me.

- PJ set ( for boyfriend)
- Robot Hoodie
- Neon Green Tee
- Black Round Neck Tee
- Gold Polished Hoops
- Silver Polished Hoops
- Light Green Round Neck Tee
- Ivory Round Neck Tee
- ****** Blue ( bf's prezzie )
- ****** Green ( Bf's prezzie )
- Aeropostale Bleach Love Hoodie ( Prezzie from BF )
- Black Ruched Flats x 2 ( One pair is a prezzie from BF)
- Always under the Mistletoe Tee
- Jewelled flats
- 2 Orange Bear Long skirts.
- F21top
- Skull Cardigan

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I totally need to join shopaholics anonymous.

Things I have to do :

- Paper Racetrack
- Photobook
- Typo book

Oh and the political situation in school is getting very annoying. So-and-so hates so-and-so who hates so-and-so and what rubbish. I'm trying to stay neutral here, but so far 3 people have gotten on my nerves. Only 3 though, don't worry. If I laugh and tell you I don't like you, I most probably mean it, dumbass.


Okay byebye.