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.Pandan leaves will hide my boyfriend for thirty days...{ Wednesday, February 27, 2008 }

Sigh. My brain is shit right now.

Boyfriend will be flying to france for a month, or so I thought. Turns out his friends are starting a food business venture thingy and wants him to help out for another month. I don't think I mind, or rather, I don't think I'm allowed to mind. I mean, I want him to go and have fun and experience it all, but deep down beneath my gentle, kind, caring exterior, I'm dying to tell him not to go.

HAHAHA okay complete total bullshit about the kindness part, as you all well know. I won't stop him of course. I will just fall deep into depression and curl up into a ball.

Okay fine. There really is no point to this rubbish, because I am bored.

And I'm trying not to shop. Yes yes, gasp away. I have refrained from visiting blogshopping communities for the past .... TEN MINUTES!!! AMAZING!!!

HAHA okay i'm seriously going nuts.

Also, my teacher videoed me for during my group presentation and plans to put it up on youtube. I just got an SMS from my brother saying that she bluetoothed it to him. I dunno if i should be amused or exasperated.

Anyway, just in case you forget what I look like :

Oh and Amos is the luckiest bastardchild on earth. He always gets lobangs for design jobs and NOW WTF HE GOT INVITED FOR INTERNSHIP.


I don't friend you liao.