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.'Suddenly, life has new meaning..', YA MY BALLS AR, YOU STUPID VIRUS!..{ Friday, January 11, 2008 }

Today I went around shooting up my neighborhood. Not literally, of course. People think that photography is a glamourous thing. But my views have changed as of 11am this morning.

Sweating under the hot sun while running around chasing chickens and dogs for a good photograph is by no means glamourous in any freaking way. Also, trudged through muddy fields four times , got my feet completely covered in muddy water. Oh yeah, I also got stabbed by mimosa thorns. What fun.

And chickens are idiotic subjects, they won't freaking keep still.

ROAR I think will buy a chicken wing tomorrow, just to spite those fat fast-running little fuckers.


My god, the fucking school computers always have fucking viruses from some idiot who watches a whole lot of fucking porn and thus invites the virus into his computer and thumbdrive, thus infecting all of us innocent non-porn-watchers who use their thumbdrives to print shit.


I plugged my thumbdrive into homan's laptop, i think it has a virus now, he's going to slaughter me.


The pictures I took for this morning's photoshoot are all in there. No extra copies. If it goes down, I. WILL. DIE.

Or i will hunt down that motherfucker, and sodomise him with a chicken wing. ( Kill two birds with one stone - DAMN YOU, FUCKING CHICKENS!)

Submission on monday, BACKUP FILES DON'T FAIL ME NOW!

A few pictures I'd already uploaded on flickr:

Dear laptop,please please pleaseeeeeeee start up properly or homan will kill me zz.