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.Purple underwear and blue boxers...{ Sunday, December 16, 2007 }

Today I collected my fisheye photos, lots of lactic acid ( ZOMG EXERCISE!), my fredflare talking watch and three freaking mozzie bites.

The fisheye photos were disappointing, for only 17 could be developed. Sigh, I had suchhh high hopes for them. 17 is less than half by the way. I think that really sucks ass.

The fredflare watch was a prezzie for the boyfriend, hence the colour. If you haven't noticed, the boyfriend is obsessed with green. Lime green and bright greens only, mind - none of that dull moss-coloured crap.

"Eh honey I just realised the screen cannot light up one!"

"Need light for what, it talks what! Just press!"

"But I cannot understand japanese!"

HAHAHAHAHA stupid boyfriend makes me want to smack him lol.

Anyway, bought chocolate covered digestive biscuits to snack on, for i'll be watching heros with the boyfriend all day tomorrow (:

Went to town and the boyfriend bought me that F21 dress (the one i thought was sold out) I was looking for! YAY !! HUGS x 70000 !! Hahaha of course, he couldn't refuse getting it for me la because I just gave him the watch so he really didn't have a choice LOL.

Ate at pepper lunch, and the boyfriend finally brought out his DSLR ( which I will be borrowing for the photoshoot on tuesday. My heart's desire will be fufilled because I will get to shoot desiree, although not in the literal way *sob* LOL) and I think the pictures were rather boring, cause there really isn't much to take except lights, lights and more lights.

I'll be free on tues, going to Jingle Bash on thurs, and working on friday and saturday.

ALSO, am waiting for Daniel to reply my mass sms ( which everyong replied to, except that bugger).

(I'm quoting this bloody funny girl on livejournal)

But actually you have no choice cuz everyone else opted for sunday! HA! BEECH!

Haha okay, brain is breaking down from lactic acid buildup heh.

Will scan the fisheyes pictures tmr, but for now I've those from the DSLR and my handphone, so will let those do the talking:


DSLR pictures :

Tried to grab a star, but it was drifting with the wind.

So the boyfriend drew inspiration from there and tried to grab me.

Meet my kooky new plushie. I'm not sure what to name him yet, but I'm thinking along the lines of pinkthing or grossly-deformed-mutant-rabbit-thing. Any suggestions? Or maybe I should just call it Amos lol. Definite desemblance there.

He dresses better now, thank god ( and me the makeover guru )

The (very thin) me. LOL.

Oh and I really hate going to tampines safra at night. There are like 70000 foreign workers and lecherous old men and bengsters.

I want to set them all on fire.

Ziying bought me a red Mango clutch, which I love to bits. I went back to Mango to try and get it in black but they'd all sold out. Which sucks ass, really.

My mom just farted in front of me OMGWTFBBQ?!

Seriously. All this insanity is obviously heriditary.

Oh and there was a fight behind the lanshop yesterday. Some guy got punched in the face five times, and refused to hit the other guy because apparently the other guy had like 12 people backing him up. heh.

The brother says there was another fight just now, which was apparently a one-punch-knockout thing. Lousy bugger.

Oh and the guy who threw the punch is Lionus or Lionel or however you spell it.

He's pretty dumb.

He gave me money for a pack of chips, and I started counting.

"EH YOU DUNNO HOW TO COUNT AR?" ( apparently I was counting too slowly )

"Count what? Count dracula ar?"



I mean, that was such a good pun! How can anyone not get it?


Amos told me not to miss him, because he's going to be away at camp for the next three days.

"Don't miss me okay, although I definitely wouldn't if our postions were reversed"

"LOL reversed postions. Sorry I don't have a peepee I can't poke you."



Okay I'm hungry now, don't tell the boyfriend, he'll tell me i'm getting fat.


Apparently, he's been working out and thus his core abdominal muscles are more defined now.

*touches boyfriend's stomach and finds only fats*


PS - If you call me a hypocrite, you will get syphillis HAHAHA okay byebye.